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We'd like to introduce...Claybrook Consulting!

Meet Claybrook Consulting and the team.

With the pending RFO and potential contracting coming soon, we knew that it would be a challenge for Lead Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs) to grow and scale their businesses quickly, while maintaining quality service. Offering onboarding of Consumers and PAs along with ongoing support for Consumers, Claybrook Consulting can support these FIs throughout Western New York, so they can successfully grow and expand to the areas they need to, without slowing down their expansion goals.

We also know how hard it can be to run a business in home care and accomplish everything you need to get done. Claybrook Consulting offers support with various administrative responsibilities, including QA assistance and Medicaid exclusion list checks. If you are interested in exploring other administrative services or leadership coaching for your team, please contact us directly to review your options.

Meet the Co-Founders, Chris Gauvin & Marie Candelora

Chris Gauvin is one of the Co-Founders/Owners of Claybrook Consulting. He has over 15 years experience working in the home care field, and previously worked to successfully build and maintain a FI. Chris was the CEO of the family business for almost five years prior to co-founding Claybrook. In his spare time you can find Chris playing bass here and there, as well as skiing and hiking, and spending time with his family and loved ones. Chris graduated from the University at Buffalo with a degree in English. After graduating Chris went into IT and worked as a Network Administrator before moving into sales and marketing of technology products.

Marie Candelora is the other Co-Founder/Owner of Claybrook Consulting. She earned her Master’s of Science in Education at Alfred University in 2005 and began her career in home care in 2008. Marie learned all she could about various home care programs, including the NHTD & TBI Medicaid waivers, Health Homes, and the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program as she worked her way up the ranks of a local home care agency to Chief Operating Officer. Marie continues to be an active member of GRAPE, the Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly and served on their Board as President until June 2023. Marie is a proud dog mom to Henry and finds joy in hanging out with Henry and the people she loves, eating delicious food, and reading good books.

We want to hear from you!

We know that it takes the effort of many to provide older adults and individuals with disabilities with the care they need. We are committed to ensuring those who need care, receive the quality care they deserve. Call us today at 585.230.1285 to find out how we can help extend your agency's reach throughout Western New York.



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